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Click on the eBay logo to the left to visit our eBay store!  You'll find all kinds of surplus items for sale. Electrical contractor, Marine, Wire rope.  You'll never know what your next find will be!  If you have specific ebay questions, please contact Briggs at briggs@pacificindustrial.com.

We have a wide range of products that fall in to our "Surplus" department.  We specialize in electrical and mechanical contractor gear and dabble in just about everything else.  If your looking for a compactor, welding platen or a hoist, we got you covered.  If you need stud link chain, A Lister diesel or maybe a Core drill call us first!  You'll never know what you'll find in our 40 year accumulation that spans more than 4 acres of Seattle!

Look through the sub-categories to the left for a sample of what we have to offer.

If you have questions about a listed item or want to inquire about something you don't see, please fill out an information request under the "Contact" section.