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We have a large range of both Mathey and H & M Bevelers as well as parts.  Give us a call with your needs or fill out a info request on the Contact page

 Koike Mini Mantis Beem cutter. Very nice shape.  No other track $1500

We have several welding platens in fair to good condition.  Some with stands - $1000 to $1250.  Some 60" x 60" x 1 3/4" square holes, some longer.  Call or Email for stock on hand.

Cast Iron layout & fab tables. Very nice shape. With or without stands. Have several steel tables as well with up to 4" thick solid tops.  Call for price and sizes or send an info request with your needs

 We have a large range of Dearman rim and chain clamps. Send us a info request with your needs